About Learning
Disabilities & Eye Problems

In general, learning disabilities are a problem of processing and understanding verbal and written language. Dyslexia is one example of such a disability. Keep in mind that these learning disabilities are not a problem of intelligence. It is important to recognize their presence and help children learn to deal with the disability.  Also, do not forget to continue to provide support and encouragement to your child remembering to emphasize the areas where he/she excels. Causes of learning disabilities are not fully understood. There is probably a genetic component so they can run in families. There is no good evidence that suggests that learning difficulties are related to a child’s vision or visual system. Treatment of learning disabilities requires a multidisciplinary approach.  Educators, psychologists and physicians should all be involved. We will test the eyes to ensure that there are no refractive errors, strabismus, eye movement problems, or problems with focusing and convergence of the eyes. Once these areas have been addressed emphasis should be placed on a solid academic program of working to improve your child’s areas of weakness.