Military, Police &
Firefighter LASIK Discounts
& Benefits

At The Eye Care & Surgery Center we offer a LASIK discount for military personnel, police and firefighters because we recognize the benefits of LASIK for these first responders and patriots. Military personnel are often involved in activities that are simply unsuitable for wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. The compatibility of eyewear with night vision goggles, gas masks, aiming devices and other systems is a constant source of concern in terms of safety as well as performance of duties. Consider a police officer involved in a pursuit, investigation or search or even a physical altercation and the hassle eyeglasses and contact lenses can potentially expose a police or law enforcement to. With firefighters one can only imagine trying to wear eyeglasses with SCUBA breathing devices or wearing contact lenses in the heat and dusty environment of a fire.

We are hopeful that by providing the opportunity to have LASIK at a discount, military personnel, police and firefighters will perform better and feel safer if they don’t have to worry about breaking eyeglasses, losing contact lenses or glasses, or thinking about lenses fogging up or being uncomfortable at crucial moments.

The Eye Care & Surgery Center offers a Free LASIK Consultation as well as the military, police and firefighter LASIK discount by calling 800-504-1083. Our $500 per eye LASIK discount allows first responders and active and retired military personnel to have Bladeless LASIK at The Eye Care & Surgery Center while saving up to $1000.00.